Data Management is a key in today's business environment.  The collection, manipulation, extraction, reporting and storage of data runs many aspect of our lives.

At Noble Software Solutions we take a "hands-on" approach to database design. We don't just sit in a rubber room and provide geeky looking, hard-to-use solutions.  A large part of our database design strategy involves gathering information from the client and learning about their specific data needs. This allows our developers to gain an understanding of the purpose driving the database and opens creative pathways to a more intuitive, well-built solution.  The developer is fully engaged in this informational process so that they have first hand knowledge of the project.

Database Design

As software developers since 1987, we've built database solutions for education, business and government, and supported every form of technology from servers to desktops to networks. Working in these diverse disciplines, and supporting diverse technology, has given us the advantage of broad experience and understanding of the functional needs of the end user.

Our design philosophy and methodology is derived from comprehensive experience over the past 25 years.  Ergonomic and logical design are built into every solution resulting in efficient and powerful tools centered around the end user..

Do you need a custom database solution?  Would you like to improve upon a process at your school or business? 

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Do you have an existing Filemaker Pro® database that you would like to modify?  Does your current database need additional support? We can help!     We can build you a solution from scratch or build upon a working solution that you already use.


The top 5 reasons that you need a database:

  1. You have a lot of paper cuts.
  2. You're using a spreadsheet to manage data.
  3. Your data exists in multiple locations in multiple forms.
  4. You leave your desk frequently looking for information.
  5. You say to yourself  "There must be a better way to do this!"