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Noble Software Solutions offers a variety of database solutions for independent, parochial and public schools.  Scroll down to see our current product line.   Custom database solutions are available as well.


Noble EDU Student Information System (SIS)

Noble EDU is a powerful, comprehensive student information system that provides a full school solution to independent, parochial and public schools.

Intuitively designed using Filemaker Pro®, Noble EDU simplifies data sharing between multiple departments giving you all the tools you need in one product.

Choose from a la carte modules for the perfect fit for your school.   Scroll down to see our modular products.

Optional Modules Available:

Purchase Orders • Inventory • Help Desk • Admissions • Facilities • Scheduling • Report Cards • DiaLOG Journal

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Admissions and Inquiries

The online admissions module of Noble EDU will help streamline your school's admissions process while measuring marketing activities and success.

You'll save significant time maintaining your admission pool, reaching potential students and processing applicants by:

  • Online collection of inquiries.
  • Easy inquiry management and followup.
  • Track progress of admission tasks across multiple departments including business, office and admissions dept.
  • Customize letters of acceptance, regret, wait lists,  financial aid and more.
  • Efficiently manage applicant pool to ensure full rosters.
  • Manage tickler lists for invitations to events.



The Attendance module in Noble EDU allows quick and accurate accounting of student attendance resulting in earlier attendance submission by faculty.

Quickly transform a late student to absent or absent student to present with a single click.

Office reports are generated with ease, while visual lists provide quick and informative views of daily attendance. Taking attendance has never been easier.




Report Cards

Managing report card submission is a snap with the Noble EDU Report Card module.

Built to withstand the rigors of narrative, brief, standards-based or Common Core reports, our Report Card module is customizable to your school's specific needs.

The Noble EDU Report Card module provides campus-wide collaboration resulting in a unified, inclusive report card that can be printed or emailed directly to parents.   Complete security and privacy between faculty ensure accuracy and accountability.   Back-end administrative layouts allow privileged access to oversee or edit faculty work as necessary.  Too many features to list here.

We’ve been building custom report cards since 1999…put our experience to work for your school.
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Dialog Journal

How are you documenting important conversations, meetings, phone calls and issues within your school?

Our DiaLOGue Journal takes the paper out of the paperwork process by creating a digital archive and retrieval method for these important conversations.

No longer do you need to search through file folders or sticky notes to verify a conversation or issue of concern. Designed for your choice of collaboration or complete privacy, our solution covers student, parent, employee, vendor and other important exchanges that must be documented and/or shared across other desks.

This is a must-see for administrators!




Purchase Orders

Empower your faculty and staff to create, submit and track purchase orders right from their classroom.

Noble PO is a centralized database solution that automates the purchasing process, ensuring secure and accurate purchase orders while preventing overspending within user assigned accounts.

Noble PO is designed to be separate and autonomous from your primary accounting system so exposure to institutional financial data is completely protected unlike other inter-connected applications.

Eliminate paper copies and the need to shuffle purchase orders within your facility. The task of ordering, processing, receiving and tracking can all be done securely without ever printing a single sheet of paper. Detailed reports help you track orders by vendor, department, date, user and more.

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Inventory Management

Track your school’s technology inventory with ease!

Our comprehensive Inventory Management module puts you in charge of your inventory so that you can make informed decisions.  Improve procurement, upgrades, failures, theft, damage, asset assignment, depreciation and more…

This inclusive module will provide benefits across multiple departments including:

  • Technology Department
  • Business Office
  • Classroom Teachers
  • Administration
  • BYOD Management

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Help Desk

Requesting help from your IT Staff has never been easier. Simply submit a ticket to Noble's Help Desk module and your request is in the queue.

IT Staff then receive the request and go into action, speeding up repair times and efficiently tracking the repair details. Repeat problem equipment can be easily identified and corrected as well as identifying the need for additional professional development training.


  • Repair Tickets
  • Repair Times
  • Problem Equipment and Patterns
  • Need for Professional Development
  • Resolutions

Too many features to list here! You've got to see it for yourself.





Custom Database Solutions

Chocolate chip cookies are always better from scratch.  The same is true with database solutions.

We take the time to discuss your needs and build a custom solution based on common sense and logical design principles.  Our custom built solutions are great with a glass of milk and are guaranteed to satisfy, all without the guilt and calories.

Contact us for a free initial, no obligation consultation to discuss a custom database solution.

Facilities Management

Managing your facility can be a daunting task at times.

Countless assets and support issues to track, it's no wonder facility staff can feel overwhelmed.

Take control of your time through better organization with our Facility Management Solution. In-depth location information allows for more precise response and action while streamlining the process.

Feature List Includes:

  • Electrical Breaker Location
  • Light, Plumbing & HVAC Information
  • Paint, Ceiling Tile, Carpet Data
  • Asset allocation by classroom
  • Maintenance Requests and logs

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Software License Compliance

  • Is your school compliant with software licensing?
  • Do you know all the machines that a particular software title is installed upon?

The Software License module of Noble EDU helps you track the installed licenses, locations and quantities per software title.

Ease to use reports will verify and track software license compliance while alerts indicate when a license is in jeopardy.

The alternative to license compliance can prove costly!  Take control today!



Our newest module in the Noble EDU suite offers the best in student and teacher scheduling.

Quickly and easily setup your core, special and elective classes while automatically creating class rosters.  Intuitively designed to notice student conflicts and double bookings, our scheduling module will make easy work of your scheduling needs.

Easy to read block form schedules are printable or available in pdf output.

Supports Monday-Friday format or rotating day format schedules.

Customization available to meet your exact scheduling needs.   

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